Film review of 3 IDIOTS

1 love fantasy part
I think 3 IDIOTS is a movie full of Indian characteristics, especially
manifested in the heroine’s love fantasy of the guy with traditional
singing and dancing. It extends the way that we express something in a
movie context, which can even combined with ethnical elements. I was
surprised when I saw them singing and dancing in a dreamy world. I
didn’t feel uncomfortable but very attracted by the Indian culture.
2 educational pattern
We can see china and India have something in common in school’s
education and parents’ attitudes towards education. Not to follow our
textbook and avoid to be an exam machine is a truth we all know and this
movie is just magnify and overstate it. What if there’s no such
brilliant guy, even though he follows his heart and interest, he just
can’t rank so top as the hero does. What I wanna say is in real life, we
just don’t have such a man who is so talented to exert his powerful
influence which shocked the authority. Rancho is too perfect to be
3 friendship
I love the part we Rancho successfully saved Farlan’s father and the 2
guys hugged each other with tears. In china’s context, we don’t express
too much between guys.
We also see friends can sometimes psychologically more mature than you
and have lead you step forward. We’re not lagging each other behind but
improve each other.
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life somewhat.
4 it’s a story anyway
People in the movie is a little stereotyped. Take the bookworm for
example, he’s kind of uglified. Cuz in our daily life, a bookworm,
though his way of learning might not be recommended, usually appears to
be a quiet and rigid but innocent guy who’s bending his head taking
notes. In the movie, in order to shed light on Lancho, the bookworm is
portrayed as a mean and selfish person. While Lancho is the kind of
person who is always right and understandable.
The ending is very happy despite some breathtaking moments. It’s good to
all, anyway. The stubborn and unreasonable dean, the contemptible but
funny bookworm…
After all it’s a comedy. Life needs story.

By no exaggeration,‘3 idiots could rank the top-one Indian movie in my
list. During the 3-hours’ time,I felt it nothing tedious and could
indulge myself in the various stories and also the slice of life by the
characters.Separated from the traditional Bollywood movies characterised
by its singing and dancing scenes,this movie seeks more than the
superficial level.

The story started with two friends hearing the hero Launchu who had
disappeared for many years came up. About ten years ago, in order to
learn knowledge of engineering, gardener’s son Launchu replaced his
master’s son to go to the Imperial College of Engineering. At this
school, students were only judged by their grades because “poor grades
mean no future”. But Launchu didn’t want to drift with the current. He
just wanted to learn what he liked rather than pursuing high grades. He
affected others with his cheerfulness humor and kindness and broke the
cramming system through his wisdom. In the process, he gradually helped
his two friends realize their real dreams. At the end of the movie,
Launchu became an honored scientist and his friends also achieved their
   On the one hand, the movie is not perfect. I think for a movie which
wants to reflect the reality, it’s a little idealistic. It seems that
Launchu was a life winner. However, in reality, we are leading the
opposite life. We are fighting for the high grade point average, for the
opportunity to go abroad. We are facing the realistic and cruel life.
It’s too difficult to be Launchu.
  On the other hand, the film is an excellent comedy. In the process of
studying, Launchu and his friends always did some funny tricks and
sometimes messed things up. So I believe you will roll in the aisles
when you are watching the film. And someone commented that “this is the
sort movie you’ll take home with a smile and song on your lips”. But at
the same time, it’s not just a comedy. The film is a real reflection of
educational reality. It shows the weakness of the cramming system. At
the beginning of the movie, the headmaster gave the speech “life is a
race, run fast or you’ll be trampled. Even to be born, one had to race
300 million sperms”. In this best Indian college, everyone are under
significant pressure. Nobody cares if you are learning useful knowledge.
The scores represent everything. The school is full of pressure,
suicides and humiliations which are also the Indian common social
problems. This is a comedy that makes audience “smile and tears”. From
this movie, I learned that maybe we can not change our situation, but we
can change ourselves. We can’t change the education system, but hold our
dreams and do what we really like, it’s the happiest and the easiest way
to success.
  In general, it’s a film that deserves to watch many times, and the
movie shows mesmerizing scene, for those who want to see Bollywood
color, costumes, decor and, of course, many songs and dances, there are
all here at Three idiots.

I love OST in it.(original sound tape)
I learn from it that one should try to figure out and stick to what one
wants. Sometimes the process can be bitter. It seems to be common sense
but need to be reiterated as a reminder.
It pass people positive energy.

It delivers profound themes such like do not load too much pressure over
the young people.India ranks No.1 in suicides,cases of them seems all
committed by the youth themselves but actually were murdered by the
pressure around.This kind of mental pressure originates not only from
the educating system but also from the family expectations and
responsibility.The chief character Rancho is just the very person to
give the suggestion.He’s bold enough to criticise the titled professor
and sarcastically points out the unappropriated teaching method that are
widely applied.Just as told in movie,students are just trained to get
high scores but not well educated in their specific knowledge scope.To
his friend Raju and Fanhan,he give each one the courage to offload the
family burden and to pursue the ideal life which has been long dreamed
of.To me,Rancho is such a talented person who doesn’t limit in his
loving mechanism field but also does play a practical engineer to fix
the complex problems of the life operation.

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Apart from the critical phenomenon and genuine emotional love that the
movie intends to transfer,the humor,the singing-and-dancing scenes and
the suspense are also well inserted into the whole.I especially like the
first musical segment.It is surprisingly shot in their washroom and all
guys,with naked body covered by bubbles,are just yelling and wriggling
under the big shower.It’s so hilarious to see these guys enjoy so much
about their lovely campus life and the genial friendliness among them.