Years ago,after I saw the film Ice Age ,I really thought the group
of Manny the Mammoth, Sid the Sloth and Diego the Sabretooth Tiger was
very wonderful and interesting.They helped each other to survive in the
Ice Age,sent the lost baby back to his parents,I was moved by theirs
kind-hearted,bravery and righteousness.

As patients, we usually remember the names of our doctors, but often we
forget the names of our nurses.I remember one. I hadbreast(either of
the two round soft parts at the front of a woman’s body that produce
milk when she has had a baby)
cancer a few years ago, and somehow I
managed to get through the surgeries and the beginning of the treatment
just fine. I could hide what was going on. Everybody didn’t really have
to know. I could walk my daughter to school, I could go out to dinner
with my husband; I could fool people. But then mychemo(chemotherapywas
scheduled to begin and that terrified me because I knew that I was going
to lose every single hair on my body because of the kind of chemo that I
was going to have. I wasn’t going to be able to pretend anymore as
though everything was normal.



I was scared. I knew what it felt like to have everybody treating me
withkid gloves(If you treat someone or something with kid gloves, or
if yoou give them the kid glove treatment, you are very careful in the
way you deal weith them.)
, and I just wanted to feel normal. I had a
port installed in mychest(the top of the front of the body, between
the neck and the stomach)
. I went to my first day of chemotherapy, and
I was an emotionalwreck(a person who is ina bad physical or mental
. My nurse, Joanne, walked in the door, and every bone in
my body was telling me to get up out of that chair and take for the
hills. But Joanne looked at me and talked to me like we were old
friends. And then she asked me, “Where’d you get yourhighlights(areas
of hair that are lighter than the rest, usually because a chemical
substance has been put on them.)

那段Manny”借以维系家族繁衍”为借口对有点”Crazy ,Confused ,but sweet
“的Ellie 告白,逗死了~~~~

     This time,I saw the film Ice Age 2-The Meltdown.At the beginning of
the film,the three friends have settled down in an Isolated village
with many other animals.however,the temperature is rising,the wall of
ice around the village is melting,what’s worse,the water will flood
the village. So all the animals have to move to a boat at the other side
of the village.Manny heard he was the last mammoth in the world,so he
hope to find his family, same species.

And I was like, are you kidding me? You’re going to talk to me about my
hair when I’m on theverge(very near to the moment when sb does sth or
sth happens.)
of losing it? I was kind of angry, and I said, “Really?
Hair?” And with ashrug(an act of raiising your shoulders and then
dropping them to show that you do not know or care about sth.)
of her
shoulders she said, “It’s gonna grow back.” And in that moment she said
the one thing I hadoverlooked(to fail to see or notice sth.), and
that was that at some point, my life would get back to normal. She
really believed that. And so I believed it, too.

Manny : Do you realise that now we have a chance to save our specives


Now, worrying about losing your hair when you’re fighting cancer may
seem silly at first, but it’s not just that you’re worried about how
you’re going to look. It’s that you’re worried that everybody’s going to
treat you so carefully. Joanne made me feel normal for the first time in
six months. We talked about her boyfriends, we talked about looking for
apartments in New York City, and we talked about my reaction to the
chemotherapy — all kind of mixed in together. And I always wondered, how
did she soinstinctively(based on instinct and not involving
know just how to talk to me?

Ellie: Really ? How are your gonna do that ?

     Along the way they meet a female mammoth,Ellie,who believe
herself is a possum and regarded two possums as brother.She learned a
lot from her possum brothers,climbing trees,hidding afer trees and
hanging herself on the trees to sleep.She really lost herself and
remember nothing about herself. Accidentally,they walk across a place
where Ellie had gone to as a child.Her memory comes back to her,and she
realize she is a mammoth. When the threatening flood is coming,Diego
overcome his mantal handicap ,jump into the water to save his
friend.Manny try his best to fight with the two fierce fish and help
Ellie to escape from the grotto,this part was the most exciting and soul
stirring part in the film.Finally all the animals survive from the
flood,Manny find a group of mammoths,and he show his love to Ellie,now
this time the group of three enlarge into six.

Joanne Staha and my admiration for her marked the beginning of my
journey into the world of nurses. A few years later, I was asked to do a
project that would celebrate the work that nurses do. I started with
Joanne, and I met over 100 nurses across the country. I spent five years
interviewing, photographing and filming nurses for a book and a
documentary film. With my team, we mapped a trip across America that
would take us to places dealing with some of the biggest public health
issues facing our nation — aging, war, poverty,prisons(a building
where people are kept as a punishment for a crime they have committed,
or while they are waiting for trail.)
. And then we went places where
we would find the largestconcentration(a lot of sth in one place)of
patients dealing with those issues. Then we asked hospitals
andfacilities(a place, usually including building, used for a
particular purpose or activity.)
tonominate(to formally suggest that
sb should be chosen for an important
nurses who would best represent them.

Manny : Well ,you know…


One of the first nurses I met was Bridget Kumbella. Bridget was born in
Cameroon, the oldest of four children. Her father was at work when he
had fallen from the fourth floor and really hurt his back. And he talked
a lot about what it was like to be flat on your back and not get the
kind of care that you need. And that propelled Bridget to go into the
profession of nursing. Now, as a nurse in the Bronx, she has a
reallydiverse(of many different kinds.)group of patients that she
cares for, from all walks of life, and from all different religions. And
she’s devoted her career to understanding the impact of our cultural
differences when it comes to our health. She spoke of a patient — a
Native American patient that she had — that wanted to bring a bunch of
feathers into the ICU. That’s how he found spiritual comfort. And she
spoke of advocating for him and said that patients come from all
different religions and use all different kinds of objects for
comfort;whether it’s aholy(connected with God or a particular
religion) rosary(a string of beadsthat are used by some Roman Catholics
for counting prayers as they say them.)
or a symbolic feather, it all
needs to be supported.

Ellie : Did you just ? I’m not a mammoth for five minutes and you’re
hitting on me ?